試験科目:SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12
問題と解答:全70問 050-733 対応内容

>> 050-733 対応内容


NO.1 What does the command "vgcreate" do?
A. Create a new volume group for use with LVM.
B. This command does not exist.
C. Create a new vector when printing in Postscript.
D. Create a new virtual group for use with KVM.
E. Create a new virtual graphic device.
Answer: A

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NO.2 You have a /tmp/data directory containing the files file, filel, and file2.
You want to copy the filel and file2 files only to the /data-old directory that already exists. In a
terminal window, which command accomplishes this?
A. cp /tmp/data/? /data-old
B. cp /tmp/data /data-old
C. cp /tmp/data/./data-old
D. cp /tmp/data/* /data-old
Answer: D


NO.3 Within less, how do you search for a string downwards from where the cursor is positioned?
A. /string
B. ?string
C. :string
D. =string
Answer: A

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NO.4 You want to use the ip command to set a new address for your network device eth0. It is a
standard class C network. The broadcast address and network route should be set accordingly.
Which command is correct?
A. ip address set deveth0
B. jp address add 192.168.10/24 dev eth0
C. ip addr add eth0192.168.0.10/24 eth0broadcast
D. jp addr add dev eth0brd +
Answer: D


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