NO.1 You need to write X++ code that is common to both the CustTable table and the Vend Table
table. The solution must minimize the duplication of code.
What should you do?
A. Create a table that extends from CustTable and Vend Table. Write X+ + code that uses the new
B. Create a view that includes the fields in both CustTable and Vend Table. Write X+ + code that uses
the view.
C. Create a map that links CustTable and Vend Table. Write X++ code that uses the map.
D. Modify CustTable to add all of the fields in Vend Table. Write X* + code that uses CustTable.
Answer: C


NO.2 You need to identify which permission can be set only on a form that has date effective data.
Which permission should you identify?
A. Delete
B. Update
C. Create
D. Correct
E. Read
Answer: D


NO.3 You are developing a solution that will delete some records from a specific table.
You need to add a button that has delete logic on a Click event. Users must be prompted for input in
the form of Yes or No before executing the delete operation.
What are two possible communication tools you can use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer
presents a complete solution.
A. Warning Boxes
B. Dialog boxes
C. Warning Info log
D. Print, pause
E. Error Info log
Answer: B,D


NO.4 You are developing queries to fetch data from the CustTable table. CustTable contains a
field named City. There is a non-unique cluster index named city Idx in the City field.
You need to fetch data from CustTable in ascending order based on City.
What are three possible SQL statements that achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a
complete solution.
A. Select city From CustTable;
B. Select CustTable order by city;
C. Select CustTable index city;
D. Select CustTable index city Idx;
E. Select CustTable order by city ASC;
Answer: A,B,E

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